We Provide Compliance Solutions.

What we believe.

We believe a rightsized QMS adds value to an organization.

We believe a QMS should be a living and evolving part of an organization.

We believe a platform based QMS enables continuous growth with limited resources.

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What we don't believe.

We don't believe in re-inventing the wheel.

We don't believe in adding unnecessary steps.

We don't believe proprietary QMS platforms are cost effective.

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We developed QMSuite®

To minimize time to market for your products.

To enable optimal flexibility for your company.

To leverage the most pervasive technology platform available.

To assure your success.

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We help you develop and deploy your own compliance business processes.

Leverage state of the art Platform Technology from Microsoft®

By using the most qualified People, proven Processes and secure, easy to use and reliable Platform Technology, we can help your organization address all your compliance needs.


Annual Product Reviews

DCS secures multi-year contract with one of the world's largest pharmaceutical, Medical Device manufacturers to staff and deploy systems in support of this key regulatory requirement.

Unparalleled Services

DCS begins continuous service to its OTC client in support of distribution of key manufacturing materials and records to North American 3rd Party Manufacturers.

Marketed Product Stablility

DCS has also secured a multi-year contract to provide staff and systems in support of a globally recognized OTC product manufacturer with state of the art service.

Global Quality Metrics

With unprecedented speed, DCS has deployed an easy to use platform that collects and displays key quality metrics for management review and action to a globally recognized pharmaceutical, Medical Device manufacturer

Let us show you how good we are and how we can help your business grow.